A team that goes above and beyond is essential to design products that outpace the competition.

UTP’s vast portfolio of technical resources enable them to deliver unique solutions in many of today’s most challenging applications and environments – from deep within the earth to deep in space. Every day, we combine these technologies to help customers in the automotive, power, plastics processing, oil and gas, defense, and many other industries find new ways to turn “what’s possible” into “what’s next.”

Our relationship with our customers is important to us and we are committed to continually improving products, programs, and processes in order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Throughout the years, UTP has continually developed products and capabilities to keep up with its clients’ changing needs, while focusing on helping them realize value from their investments with cloud-based solutions, E-Business Suite, engineered solutions, and business intelligence.

Aligning the Right Talent with the Right Role to Fulfill Banking and Financial Services Staffing Needs

Obtain the best quality banking and financial service providers with our customized workforce solutions.

Recruiting top-quality candidates for your organization’s banking and financial services positions can be challenging, but you can make the process easier by working with an IT staffing firm like UTP. Recruiting for corporate banking, investment and financial services, insurance, and lending are our areas of expertise. Our services are relied upon by several leading organizations in banking and financial IT staffing. These organizations use our staffing services to get the required talent they need – when and how they want it.

Taking on the Challenge

Many companies today have specialized personnel needs such as information technology, asset management, and customer service, which are unmet by traditional banking and financial employment. This results in project delays, missed deadlines, and a threat to corporate objectives.

Resolution proposed

With UTP’s innovative, reliable, and cost-effective services, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your company or department. In every engagement, we are able to provide the talent you need – when, where, and how you need it – and manage the risks, costs, and quality.

Why Partner With United Technology Partners (UTP)

As the first global, 24/7 engineered recruiting and services provider, UTP offers specialized and specialist personnel needed for the various banking and financial departments within your organization from a local to global perspective. With the vast majority of our recruiting consultants having backgrounds in banking and finance, we have a thorough understanding of the hiring requirements for banking and financial services positions, and we can tell right away which candidates possess the skills necessary to excel in such positions.