As the most dependable partner in insurance industry staffing, we can deliver the right talent for every level and job title

Insurance recruitment solutions must be able to identify qualified candidates at the right time, so that your organization can run efficiently and effectively. It is crucial that your organization and business enterprise be competitive in all aspects through the use of an insurance recruitment agency with a global reach. Insurance firms face many operational and competitive issues that require the use of an insurance recruitment agency.

Enjoy insurance recruitment services that will help your company develop tremendously and gain a competitive edge by working with UTP, a global award-winning insurance recruitment firm.

We are considered a comprehensive global insurance recruitment solution provider by our clients due to our experience, knowledge and highly devoted team that work with you according to your schedule.

Taking on the Challenge

Most organizations find that traditional recruitment and employment do not meet their really specific on-demand staffing needs, particularly in IT, Asset Management, and Customer Support. This leads to project delays, missed deadlines, and the threat to corporate objectives.

Resolution Proposed

We provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for improving your department’s or company’s efficiency. We provide the right talent to each engagement according to when, where, and how you need it, balancing quality, cost, and risk.

Why Partner With United Technology Partners (UTP)

UTP has a well-rounded, global recruiting and service delivery platform tailored to fulfil the local-to-global specialized and specialist talent needs of various insurance business segments.

Our management team is composed of insurance professionals with extensive knowledge of the business, allowing us to create successful staffing plans that can assist you.

The company’s mission is to help insurance agencies of all sizes, from small companies to Fortune 500 firms, secure the best talent by providing an extensive sourcing strategy and recruitment process. Through our thorough examination of trends and statistics, we are able to accurately determine the best talent pool for your company based on its cultural fit.

We are experts in providing IT staffing services for the insurance industry

Our insurance recruitment services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of small, medium, and large businesses around the world.

UTP is a global provider of IT staffing solutions for the insurance industry and a one-stop shop for experienced and trained insurance professionals.

As a result of the advent of numerous technological solutions, the insurance sector uses technology for everything from database management to customer acquisition and marketing automation. As customers migrate to the internet, insurers are attempting to get an advantage over their competition by creating mobile apps and websites.

IT consultants and employers are matched using UTP IT staffing services’ unique behavioral matching process. By utilizing our wide network of industry ties and affiliations, we discover the perfect cultural fit for a long-term relationship. Once that is accomplished, our workforce management staff ensures everyone’s success.

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Technology advancements are already yielding positive results in the insurance industry. By implementing technology-driven insurance delivery, UTP helps our clients break free of legacy business models. For more information, call (346) 235-1990.