Providing top-notch staffing for the manufacturing sector to drive real results

Our IT staffing solutions enable companies to streamline plant operations around the world, whether they are in the industrial products or consumer products industries.

Currently, manufacturing is one of the industries that is undergoing rapid change and evolution. Therefore, in order to remain competitive, businesses need to remain highly productive and efficient. Managers under a lot of pressure may find it difficult to find the time and resources they need in order to build a competent team or to recruit temporary skilled workers.

UTP is an IT staffing company for the manufacturing industry that helps its clients meet their IT operational needs in their plants. Our manufacturing staffing firm is known for its deep industry knowledge and ability to provide excellent results. If you need a single individual or an entire team of manufacturing employees, our manufacturing recruitment services are designed to closely match the demands of your organization.

The Challenge Faced

Manufacturers face specific workforce demands, usually in the areas of IT, Engineering, and Logistics, that are not met by traditional recruiting and staffing practices. This results in delays, missed deadlines, and lost clients and sales.

Resolution Offered

With UTP, your department or plant can run more efficiently with leading-edge, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. The IT talent we provide is aligned the way you need it – when, where, and how you need it – and quality, cost, and risk for each engagement is effectively managed.

Why Partner With United Technology Partners (UTP)

UTP provides local-to-global, personalized, and tailored recruitment and service solutions that meet the needs of the diverse segments of the manufacturing sector with specialized and niche IT talent.

By using our sourced candidates, we provide our customers with innovative solutions for flexible management of their workforces. As a result, our consultants within the manufacturing vertical can effectively manage their careers. Since we have a significant amount of experience in the manufacturing world, we have the ability to identify, evaluate, and retain specialists.

Our comprehensive manufacturing IT staffing services are unmatched

Manufacturers need a job search service that offers more than just resume reviews. At UTP, we strive to understand not only sourced consultants’ strengths, but also how they function as individuals, their priorities and objectives, and how they plan to manage the next role.

It is paramount that the IT consultants we source for you are a perfect fit – like the work they are doing and the environment they are working in. This will allow them to maximize their effectiveness and create an opportunity for growth. We offer our employees the opportunity to work for manufacturers who are dedicated to safety and pay well.

Increasing consumer demands, instant gratification options, regional and international competition and shifting consumer tastes are a few of the obstacles facing manufacturing firms attempting to grow and profit.

Complex solutions are therefore required to gain a competitive advantage. We assist many of the industry’s largest firms in finding talent – when and how they need it – helping them meet their most difficult needs.

You can rely on UTP for rapid, precise results in your industrial recruitment business.

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